Friday, February 27, 2015

Sweetheart Mini Quilt

You may remember that early this month I was busy scrap busting 1.5" squares from my stash in order to make some mini patchwork hearts?  Wednesday, there was a peek at some machine embroidery.  Well, today I can show you it was all for one project, a mini quilt.
Sweetheart Mini after appliqueing and before quilting.
Yesterday, I was ready to do the quilting, add binding and turn this idea into a finish!

Quilting with my vintage Singer 201 (the quilt was pieced using my Singer 15-91).  I love my vintage Singers!
My lovely Singer 201 was used to machine quilt a freehand grid of wavy lines across the top.  I debated other quilting designs, but again, simple won out. ;o)

The binding made use of trimmings from the backing of my Impromptu quilt, which added a nice pop of red (and dots.. oh, my!) to frame things. 

My Sweetheart Mini made use of all the patchwork hearts I stitched from 1.5" scraps in reds, pinks a few purples for good measure.

The last stitch sewn, I immediately went to hang my mini above the loveseat in our living room.

A matching set of Sweethearts.  There's even a table runner to add to the scrappy heart collection (click here).

Oh, look!  There just happens to be a sweetheart pillow to match. ;o)  Woohoo! That's two scrappy projects completed this month and a happy finish to my week.  Hope your week has been a good one!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday WIP - Machine Applique

The weather here has turned all winter on us again, with colder temperatures and new snow after the mild, above freezing weather, yesterday. We've gone back and forth with snow and then no snow several times already this winter. The temperature has been up more than down this winter, giving us lots of breaks, so I can't complain about a harsh winter. One. Little. Bit.  However, this recent change, means that instead of feeling and looking like Spring (with our snow melted away... was that only a day ago?!?), winter is back
Since it's snowing like crazy, picture taking indoors is a bit trickier, but here's a glimpse at some machine applique I'm stitching. Sew much fun!  I'm making good progress and enjoying the process, making me even more excited to finish this project (soon would be great! ;o).
Hope you find some stitching time today - it works wonders for the spirits while we wait for Spring.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday making

Kicking off the week with a peek at progress on one of my current projects.  Remember the paper piecing fun I had at the end of last year participating in Julianna's Last Minute Christmas Sampler QAL?  I've finished quilting one of my favourite blocks.
I kept the quilting simple with free hand softly curving lines forming a loose grid.

Now to choose a backing fabric and turn this into a finished project!

Hope your week is off to a great start and like me, that this will be the only snowflake(s) you see today. We're supposed to have plus temperatures today, so the little snow we received last week should be gone. Woohoo!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Stash - gifts from a sweet friend

I received a surprise package earlier this month from a wonderful friend in Sweden.  This lady is beyond generous and is often delighting me with something lovely in my mailbox.

Maja sent me some special Tilda fabrics, knowing how much I love Tone Finnanger designs. Maybe you remember my Babushka doll craze? or my favourite needle books? fabric cupcakes?  and Tilda dolls? All those projects are Tilda designs.  Honestly, I think I have sewn so many projects from her Sew Pretty Homestyle  and Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle books because of all the lovely Tilda fabrics they were made with ;o).

Such a pretty mix of Tilda prints that I'm looking forward to making something special from. 
Now I get to add these special fabrics to my Tilda fabrics stash (ahem...this stash is all from Maja - yes, she spoils me!  I'll say it again, she's generous and thoughtful.)

My first pieces of Tilda fabrics all came from my friend Maja.  She sent this last year and I've been hoarding them for something special. ;o)
I'm still kicking around ideas of what I will be making with such pretties, but thought you might enjoy some fabric eye candy. ;o)

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sweetheart Pillow

Last evening I put on a favourite old movie (hello, Doris Day), took some of those scrappy heart blocks I stitched earlier this month, and got busy.
Love the pairing of scrappy patchwork hearts and this sweet pink background fabric which is covered with dots and tiny hearts (it's from the Ric Rac Rabbits line).
Lucky for me, I had just enough red ball fringe (from a long ago thrift store visit), to trim this sweet pillow. 

 Actually, several thrift store materials went into this project - lovely red corduroy for the back(remainders from making this bag) and a bright pink invisible zipper for a clean finishI love that I have stashed so many zippers from thift store shopping, that I usually can find exactly what I need for any project.

I couldn't resist adding a snippet of a sweet bunny as a label (it's also from the Ric Rac Rabbits fabric line).

My latest finish is now adding a happy touch of colour and patchwork to our living room, while being a lovely testament to the magic of scraps (and thift store finds ;o).


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