Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday

 After tackling free motion quilting my king-size quilt on my vintage 201 Singer, I knew that it could handle anything. :o)    This time around, it's a much smaller quilt - my version of Modern Maples.

Just as soon as this quilt is complete, I have another one waiting on my design wall behind me. :o)

Once again, I'm using a foot that belongs to my modern Janome sewing machine.  Since both machines are low- shank, it means that I can use the walking foot with its seam guide on my Singer.  Woohoo! I couldn't be happier with how well it's going. 

If all proceeds as hoped,  I will have a finish to share soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

From Strips to Chevrons

Remember those pretty Sandi Henderson fat quarters?  I couldn't resist starting something new using a couple of them paired with some linen.  I cut them into 22" long strips, alternated the cotton with the linen and sewed the strips together, making two separate sets of pieced strip units (only one set is shown below).  For each set, I cut a variety of strip widths and then mixed them up.  Fun, right?

Sizes for my strips range from 1" to 3" wide (both for the cotton strips and for the linen ones).
Next, I cut each set into varying width strips, this time on a 45 degree angle (with the direction of the 45 degree angle reversed on the second set).  By using one strip from each set (so the angles are mirror imaged), those strips can be sewn together to make chevrons.   
 Pretty easy way to turn those simple strips into chevrons and I'm loving the results!

All this fun has reminded of other projects I've made using chevrons - a doll quilt (including a tutorial  here), a wall hanging and a table runner.

Piecing chevrons this way is easy - it's the pressing that's a bit tricky as linen is more fluid than the quilting cotton.
I'm not done yet with this idea (as you can see), but I'm having a lot of fun working with such Spring-y colours.   I've also made some progress on one of the items on my FAL list, worked on some pattern drafting and placed an order for some much needed interfacing (for some pattern testing to come!) so my week is off to a good start.  How's your week so far?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Funny how that happens... Sunday Stash

Well, a whole week zipped by without a moment for me to write a post and now I'm back to share more fabric.  You're going to think that all I do is buy fabric. ;o)

It always amazes me when I select fabrics that match so well, when I didn't even start with that intention.  I chose some Flea Market Fancy, Field Study, Notting Hill and Wee Wonderful prints that play well together.
All the fabric goodness pictured in this post was scooped up from a lovely online Canadian fabric shop that I'm quite new to.   It's a gorgeous place to shop - so much to admire and fill my wishlist with. 
 Currently, Pam is celebrating the 6 year anniversary of
 and has been having wonderful sales for each week in the month of April.  I happened to get in on the first week of the sale and have my eye on a few more pretties for the stash. ;o)  I think all but one or two of the fabrics shared in this post are still available and most are on sale, in case you're interested.

Flea Market Fancy, Chicopee and Field Study prints.
This second group of stash additions were specifically selected with the thoughts of a fall project.  Not saying I will get to that project before fall, but at least I will be prepared. ;o)

Hope you enjoy the latest bit of fabric eye candy and hopefully I will manage a chance to share what I've been working on.  My computer time has been really limited and this week looks to be shaping up the same way, but have faith that I am actually making time to sew and not just stash enhance. :o)

Wishing all that celebrate, a Happy Easter!

Molli Sparkles

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Stash

It took needing some fabric to sew a "guy gift" to make me realize that my stash is gender biased quite heavily towards feminine colours and prints.  Any remotely male slanted fabrics I have, are mostly for kids (which makes sense, since they come from years of sewing for my sons when they were younger - however I've been remiss in adding more grown-up choices). That realization put me on a mission to see if I couldn't attempt to add at least a handful of more masculine fabric choices that were less juvenile, to have me ready for further "guy" sewing projects.

Imagine my delight when I popped into a local fabric shop on my way to the grocery store (how  clever convenient that they are next door to one another ;o),  to find two decidedly masculine novelty prints. ha! Then I came across a third print that I think is modern and male in design.  So now I have a start on some suitable and fun fabric choices for sewing for my menfolk. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Finish Along 2014 - Q2 The List

Finish Along 2014 
 This quarter I'm  listing 3 projects.  These are the three I most want need finished. Truthfully,  I'm tired of carrying several projects over from one quarter to the next and sounding like a broken record with each list being virtually the same from one quarter to the next.   Realizing that if this carries on, I may end up disliking these projects altogether, so they must be finished this quarter - or else! The sooner the better. :o)
1. Swoon Quilt - top is done, time to piece the backing; 2. Modern Maples - basted and awaits quilting; 3. Paint the Town - figure out backing and quilting.
Finishing will also have other rewards - they will break up the process of pattern writing and editing - as I have several on the go at the moment.  Here's hoping for a productive Q2!

I'm linking up with Katy and friends 
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